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Military Appreciation Day
Every year we have sponsored a military appreciation day event to take active duty service members out for a free day of fishing.  This year the event is going to be out of Willoughby Harbor in Norfolk.  After the day's fishing the troops and their families are treated to a BBQ lunch, some prizes and events for the kids.  If you are interested in donating time/money or your boat (especially your boat) please see below.

Free fishing trips for active duty military
Free shore-based activities for families
Free BBQ Picnic

Registration REQUIRED!

Volunteer boat Captains
Volunteer event workers
Donors (door prizes, cash) 501 © (3)
Registration opens May 1
Troops - registration begins July 1

Register on the Tidewater Chapter page at

More info:
Facebook: MADVA
Call: 757-713-1602

This is a great event.  We have about 70 active duty registered so far and are expecting to have over 100 this year.  We are in need of boats. MAD is a 501©3 organization so your donations are tax deductible.



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