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Hunt Club opportunity - 2 openings
    Hunt Club Opportunity - We have two opening for our still hunting\duck club of 10 members. Deer have been knocked back by hemorrhagic disease, but show signs of rebounding. Property has lots of bears & turkeys. Has great duck hunting options. It has a beaver swamp, 40 acre impoundment, an acre flooded field & over a mile of shoreline on the Stanton River for duck hunting. We have 1500 acres on one parcel in Randolph, Va with a 3 bedroom house with bunk beds that is less than a mile from the property. Running water, bathroom\shower, fully functional kitchen. Need atv or utv to fully utilize the property. We are dedicated to maintain a laid back atmosphere for all members and our sons to utilize the hunting camp experience. Any applicants will be welcome to look over the property with an existing member, but required to have a personal interview before being accepted to the club. Email with questions or for more information. Club dues are $1500. Only extras not covered are utilities & maintenance which are cheap, but split equally among all members if not capable to be covered from dues. Basic food plots and partial impoundment plantings provided out of dues. All pictures are from the property. If you can't get pictures. Email me and I'll send them.

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    More pics

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Both spots have been filled.....thanks for your interest!
awesome, was it people from this forum? forum owner/administrator  Admin

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(08-29-2016, 09:02 PM)Tugrivercopper Wrote: awesome, was it people from this forum?

i doubt it,

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