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velvet head
If anyone remembers Velvet Head, he is still around
[Image: I__00073_zps6lwl3914.jpg]
man u gonna take him out, or just let him keep on keepin on

his horns look smaller than i remember forum owner/administrator  Admin

VASportsmen's Facebook page  Buddies

Cash's Custom Calls pro staff member [Image: cashsmilie_zpsmgdyaj0s.jpeg]
They are melting away. This forum has changed and lost all of the old pics of him.
Still never seen this deer and all pics are at night . here is last year

[Image: I__00041_zpsxbr3yj7j.jpg]

here is three years ago

[Image: CDYi0037_zpsf5ddfe51.jpg]
That is so cool. How old is that fella? His coat has been and is so dark and pretty.

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That's awesome.

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Here is one of my first picture in 2011. he has got to be at least two in that pic which means he is ~7 years old

[Image: CDY_0010.jpg]
That is cool.. now if you can find the Piebald Buck again :) ...

I wouldn't even shoot him at this point.. he has lived long enough to get a pass and die on his own terms.. plus he most likely is not fathering fawns anyway.. the velvet is usually a sign of testicle problems I believe..
It's been a little over a year since I have gotten a pic of piebald. If I see him again it will be cool.
I once went over a year between pics of a big bodied small racked buck .. but finally got one last pic of him chasing a doe during December.. it was the last pic I got of him and I know he was at least 7 years old .. you could see a noticeable Tumor under his jaw in that pic.. I'm guessing that is what did him in finally.. I missed him once at 150 yds with a slug gun when he was 4 yrs old..
Velvet still around

[Image: velvet_zpsxfhlqbie.png]

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