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Posting Pictures Tutorial
Here is how to post pictures on the forum.... this can be done several ways

METHOD 1:You can go old school method of using a picture storage website such as You can upload your pictures there and once uploaded the website generates "tag" lines for each picture you can use to "link" to on websites.  You can copy and paste the tag line for the photo you want to post on the forum. The tag line code will look something like this


Place that into your message your typing and the picture should be there, photobucket automatically resizes the pic for the forum

METHOD 2: You can add the picture as an "attachment". When you make a thread or reply if you look way down at the bottom of your screen you will an option that says "New Attachment". Click on the button next to it called "choose file" this will bring up a dialouge box in which you can browse for a picture on your computer to upload to the forum (note that you may need to resize the picture and make it smaller as mybb only allows a certain size limit) you can do this in Microsoft paint easily. Then click "add attachment" Once you have attached the image you can leave it as an attachment or "insert it into post" 

METHOD 3: You can click on the picture with the green + in the options above when you make a thread or a reply (it's the little icon next to the one that looks like a mail letter). This will bring up a dialouge box that allows you to link to the picture using it's url.(to find a pictures url right click on it and click"copy image address) You can also set the size of the picture. Then all you have to do is click "insert"

I hope this helps those that don't know, we love to see and share pictures here at, feel free to show us some of yours forum owner/administrator  Admin

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