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Whats been going on with Cur Customs
Hi all, its been a busy couple of months in the shop I think I finished about 15-20 knives in 2.5 months, so the business is going well.  Unfortunately there has been very little time for hunting, so I am very low on meat in the freezer, hopefully I will get in the stand on the last day and hope to see some moving with the snow!  So the vision for the business is to continue to grow and potentially start training someone to help once in a while in the shop, along with teaming up with a buddy to teach some bladesmithing classes!!  I also plan on getting some production knives that I will sell, the first has been already designed and it is basically a every day carry small knife, I think the length is about 6 inches long and very light and meant to be used as a edc/ultility knife.  I still plan on making fully custom knives but I need to balance work/knives/and family life!!  I hope all is well with you all and I plan on doing a blog entry every once in a while with some shop pics/ build pics along with some new stuff I would like to do this year ( making damascus)!!!

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